Current options for purchasing:

Cavicam Only – $800 AUD
You will need to acquire the necessary raspberry pi kit yourself. Full list of kit required is here.

Cavicam + Raspberry Pi Kit – $1150 AUD
If you would prefer that we provide the necessary raspberry pi kit, go for this option. Raspberry Pi kit includes: Raspberry Pi 3+, Raspberry Pi camera v2, 64GB SD card with software preloaded, long camera cable, Raspberry Pi case, power supply.

Temperature and Humidity Sensor – $90 AUD
The temperature and humidity sensor (SHT31) integrates with the software so you can capture environmental data along with images and the dendrometry signal. In particular this is extremely useful and highly recommended for the application of optical dendrometry so you can monitor changes in the sample in response to changes in VPD within the software.

Optical Dendrometry Kit – $1200 AUD
This is a combined kit with everything needed to immediately get started with optical dendrometry. Includes the cavicam, the Raspberry Pi kit and the temperature and humidity sensor. Can also be used for cavitation imaging.  

Note: Regardless of the option, the software is included and can be downloaded online. Cavicams can be used for BOTH optical dendrometry and cavitation imaging.  

If you are interested in purchasing, please complete the following form and we’ll get back to you with a quote that includes postage, lead time and next steps for payment.

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There is currently a 4-6 week lead time for orders.