Cavicams are $800 AUD each + postage. You will also need to get some Raspberry Pi hardware, which is cheaper and easier for you to purchase from local suppliers (e.g. from Amazon or local electronics suppliers). The additional hardware you will need to purchase is here. The cavicam itself comes pre-assembled. Setup procedure with the cavicam and Raspberry Pi hardware is well-documented and can be viewed here: https://docs.cavicams.com/index.html#cavicam-setup-and-user-guides.

If you are interested in purchasing cavicams, please complete the following form and we’ll get back to you with a quote that includes postage, lead time and next steps for payment.

For orders of more than 20 devices, or for general enquiries, please use the Contact form.

There is currently a 4-6 week lead time for orders. Construction only starts once payment is complete and we have reviewed your requirements.

If external supplier registration is required for purchase, a $150 AUD administration fee will be added.